“Eve”  is an 8.5″ tall sculpture with an exterior form resembling a woman’s dress or gown. The exterior bodice of the glass dress has small polished, scallop like cuts at the scoop line and also around the waist, punctuating the gown. Inside the bodice, two open pods release their seeds back to earth, toward the bottom flowers, as if to connect seed to plant. I’m imagining the process by which a plant spreads throughout a field or a mother feeds her young.

Two pink tea roses entwine in the body of the gown- the front rose has a seed pod carefully formed and placed to create a deeply feminine appearance, while the roots hang suspended toward the ground from which they arise.

As I’ve said before, I’m always thrilled by an evolution in form. I believe taking the flamework (making of small parts within the clear glass) and encasement (enclosing those parts in clear glass) out of the traditional paperweight form and bringing it into a more sculptural form increases the poetic quality of the work.  As with my “Stones” this sculptural change adds a new dimension to the art form.  I’ll be showing this piece at the Wheaton Arts in May.