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Don’t miss the recent Redfin article Ayotte Glass was featured in: “Color Your Home! 12 Glass Artwork Ideas to Brighten Your Space” Summertime is in full swing, which means it’s time to draw all your curtains or blinds and let sunshine into your home. To fully embrace the light your home has to offer and create a truly unique space, look no further than incorporating glass artwork into your home. Whether you’re living in Minneapolis,...
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“Eve”  is an 8.5″ tall sculpture with an exterior form resembling a woman’s dress or gown. The exterior bodice of the glass dress has small polished, scallop like cuts at the scoop line and also around the waist, punctuating the gown. Inside the bodice, two open pods release their seeds back to earth, toward the bottom flowers, as if to connect seed to plant. I’m imagining the process by which a plant spreads throughout a...
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Buddha Hallucination

This piece has been on my mind for quite awhile. As with the other “Hallucination” sculptures, the design exists only in the center and refracts along the inside of the glass. The ring of golden Buddha’s creates a mandala- each Buddha on the outside appears like a ray of light striking from the center– the only true Buddha.  In that sense, the “hallucination” form was a perfect choice for such a powerful metaphor. Needless to...
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An elegant wedding like bouquet of white lilies, tea roses, lilacs and lime green leaves and tendrils,  deepened by an intense black background.  My focus was on using contrasting colors to showcase the detail of the floral arrangement.